Statement of intent by Iban Rusiñol

Born in Navarre, my mother from Lyon and my Catalanese father from Pamplona, I quickly needed to explain why i was speaking all these different mother tongues. First why I was speaking French in Spain (during a time when that didn’t make any sense), then speaking Spanish in France, and finally speaking Bask in the world.

I lived for several years of my life engulfed in Bask culture : I studied  Bask until college, and I travelled the world from Canada to Middle-East singing in Bask. Everywhere, in the name of modernity, there was always the same question : why bother using a dying language? So many people asked me this question that I ended up asking it to myself.

Then this demoralizing question gained ground : why desperately attempt to fight for political agendas to preserve French culture? Why fight against market laws ? Why try to compete with soccer, mass shows, Live Nation, music out of tv shows ? When in any case the audience is supposed to know what it wants. What’s the point of living one’s own culture ?

Living entirely one’s “own” culture if it is a “minority” culture is often seen as communitarianism. But you can easily observe that when a community feels rootless, empty and diluted into the mass, the communitarianism can become radical, and turn into a religious “identity” or any other excluding or self-excluding affiliation.

This is the analysis of the french-libenese writer, Amin Maalouf, in his book “the murderer identities”, and that is the analysis i want to develope in this movie.

In this way, the role of any good story is to touch people, to illustrate what can’t be spoken, because nothing is more diffficult than explaining feelings with words without being pompous and difficult to digest. With this story I want to share this whole set of feelings : explain “what’s the point ?” A feeling which may be inside everyone, and share my hope through culture that we should not just preserve, but fully live. This cultural clash between musical mass-industry, i.e. Madonna’s world, and “hand-crafted” music, Kalakan’s world, is the perfect occasion to explain this stake.

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